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Clamping tables are supported by side channel compressors

In the case of industrial production processes clamping devices are frequently required for the arresting of workpieces. The workpieces should be held in a certain position and processed there.

The clamping and tensioning process should be performed quickly and easily. The arresting must be secure, so that the work piece can not be moved once. It is also important in automatic machining that the workpieces always come to the same position as the tools are relatively adjusted to the correct fit of the work piece.

As can be seen in the principle sketch, the workpiece is fixed by the suction plate for the machining operation. For this purpose, there are small holes in the plate which draw in the air. By means of this suction action, the workpiece is sucked onto the plate in such a way that it can be machined without slipping. The necessary vacuum is produced by a side channel compressor connected to the suction plate. The feeding of the workpiece can also take place with the aid of a side channel fan. For this purpose, the workpiece can be fixed to the tensioning device by means of vacuum at a suction device for the transport process. As soon as the workpiece is in the correct position in the clamping table, the vacuum is released and the workpiece is held by the vacuum on the suction plate.

Working Principle / flow:

The side channel compressor is connected to the suction plate via a pipe system. When the vacuum pump now produces vacuum, the workpiece is pulled against the table and fixed with a definable force, depending on the pressure. For switching the airflow on and off, the compressor does not need to be switched on or off again, but the airflow can be switched by a magnetic or pneumatic current reversing valve. The sucking air can now be switched over from the feeder plate located at the top in the priciple sketch. The processing operation can begin. Once the machining process has been completed, the suction air can be switched from the suction plate to the feed line and the workpiece can be removed


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