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Drying process of washed beverage crates


The drying process of washed beverage crates is the order of the day in the beverage industry. The crates in the circuit are subjected to a heavy load. Especially in the current spring situation, the crates, which are often stored in the open air, are exposed to increased smut effects by the pollen. On the other hand, the drinks boxes in the sales outlets should be invited by customers to buy. The drinks boxes are only, however, if these are clean and appealing.

The cleaning process is also not easy. In order to obtain the necessary stability, crates are provided with struts and reinforcements which contribute to the stability. On the other hand, these construction elements create corners and edges, which are a hindrance during the washing process and are subsequently difficult to dry afterwards.

It is best to dry the crates by blowing off the water with air. An enormous airflow and air pressure is necessary, because the crates have to be completely dry.

In the principle sketch, a side-channel blower is used to produce the necessary volume and the corresponding pressure. The airflow is directed to two or more so-called air knives / airblades via a connected pipe or hose system and a switch. The airblades have the characteristic that an even air curtain can be built over their entire working width. The air knives are aligned on the washed wet boxes. This ensures that the crates in the back part dry as well as in the front part. The remaining water runs down through gravity. The attachment of the air knives should be flexible in order to adapt the outlet openings to the different shapes of the beverage crates.

Depending on the degree of soiling, an employee can decide whether the crates are clean or should be fed to a further wash cycle.


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