Lifting systems in use with side channel compressors

The mechanization of production is progressing ever further. However, it is not yet possible to implement all workflows effectively from machines. The influence of a thinking person is always necessary. This leads to the fact that these works tend to be monotonous and difficult. Novel lifting systems remove these heavy loads from employees.

How it works:
The functional drawing shows that the lifting unit attached to the swing crane can be placed relatively flexibly over the material to be lifted. The suction pad is placed on the material. The surface of the goods should be even, smooth and clean. After the suction foot has been in contact with the material, the operator activates a switch attached to the suction pad, and the material is sucked on the suction pad. Now the operator can lift the material or change the position via a further switch on the suction foot. It is possible to rotate, to move, to tilt until it can be put down again. All this happens without a great effort on the part of the operator.

A side channel blower generates the necessary vacuum. This negative pressure is conducted via a flexible hose and an air filter, further over the swing crane to the lifting unit. Here is the central control unit, which the operator uses to lift and then move goods. The lifting unit now closes the connection of the material to be transported to the vacuum. The material is firmly sucked on the lifting unit and can then be lifted. SKVTechnik sells these side channel compressors, which are used to produce the necessary vacuum. The generation of a negative pressure is, in addition to the generation of overpressure, the basic property of a side channel fan. Two things are decisive for the use of a side channel compressor on a lifting system. First, of course, the weight of the goods and secondly, it is crucial how well the lifting unit can connect to the surface of the goods. The connection is, as the attentive reader can think, on a cardboard or on a plasterboard to be lifted is much better than on a rough stone plate.