Side-channel compressors support the cleaning and packaging of lettuce



The Salattauchbecken described today is manufactured by B. Miller Maschinenbau GmbH from Aspach. SKVTechnik supplies the side channel compressors for blowing the compressed air into the bubble bath, the heart of the Salattauchbeck.

Side channel compressors permanently blow compressed air into the water of the dipping tank of the salad washing machines and thus bring the washing water to the boil. The vegetables, which are bubbling through the bubbling water of the pool, are cleansed from the soil and soiling and prepared for sale. For cleaning in the Salattauchbecken especially head salad, field salad, salad cucumbers, spinach or parsley are suitable. If customers are going to buy these products in the future, it is possible that they have been cleaned and packaged by B. Miller Maschinenbau from Aspach. Side channel compressors of the SKVTechnik have pressed the air into the dipping tank.

The production process is as follows:
The plants are washed directly in the vegetable crate. This fact makes the washing process effective because the fruit is packed directly into the transport box on the harvesting machine and additional packing operations can be saved. For the operation of the salad-washing machine, only a working force is necessary, which assumes the feed with unwashed lettuce on the front side and the removal of the washed vegetables on the back.
The employee puts the vegetable crates on the conveyor belt and they move under the water under the water into the air-fed bubbling bath. The water circulation in the whirlpool bath ishes out the soil between the plant leaves. When the transport boxes have crossed the jacuzzi with the vegetables, the plants are subsequently rinsed with fresh water.

Depending on the degree of contamination of the vegetable and depending on the type of vegetable, the speed of the conveyor belt can be adjusted variably. The user can therefore react to different degrees of soiling and plant species and adapt the machine accordingly. The side channel compressor always blows into the dipping tank at full pressure so that the swirling of the water is as strong as possible and a fast and effective cleaning of the plants per unit of time takes place. With the illustrated machine up to 400 vegetable transport boxes can be washed per hour.

How does the Salattauchbecken work?
The entire processing section in the machine is provided with a conveyor belt. The conveyor belt takes up the salad boxes and transports them into a dipping basin, bringing the crates under water into a sink. Due to the length of the basin and the transport speed of the conveyor belt, the length of stay of the vegetable crates under water is longer or shorter. The transport speed of the conveyor belt can be influenced by the operator. The operator can thus react to different degrees of soiling and different plant species. In the dipping tank is now the decisive washing process. A side channel compressor presses air through a pipe system and various outflow points into the water of the immersion tank. The ascending air bubbles set the water in motion, similar to when it boils. The bubbling water ishes off the leaking soil or other contamination. This process continues as long as the salad box is in the dipping tank. At the end of the dipping tank, the conveyor belt carries the salad boxes back up, over the water surface. There the salad is sprayed again with fresh water. The employee removes the cleaned salad with the transport boxes from the conveyor belt.

SKVTechnik recommends a suitable side channel compressor:
For the production of compressed air for the above-described salad washing machine by means of a side-channel fan, SKVTechnik today proposes an S3-1-219-2,2kW-3. This model is equipped with a 3-phase three-phase motor. Models with 1-phase motor are also available. A total of approx. 175 m³ of air is expected per hour at the depth of approx. 0.50 m in the diving basin of the Salattauchmaschine. This quantity of air keeps the water in good order and produces a good rinse of the salads to be washed.
The S3 is an Italian engine and achieves a capacity of 219 m³ / h with an open throttle and a maximum blowing pressure of 250 mbar. The machine has a delivery time of one week within Germany. This applies to orders in the SKVTechik Onlineshop. SKVTechnik offers all sideloader compressor categories. From the small 0.2 kW engine to the 36 kW engine, every desired type of engine is available. Customers are now convinced by the advantages of online shopping at SKVTechnik.