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Reversing valves / reversing valves – current reversal during operation


Side channel compressors are often used in systems where alternating suction pressure and blow pressure are required. Exactly these two media can be provided by the side channel compressor. Since, however, the side-channel compressors can always be active in one working direction, ie, sucking or blowing, in a normally constructed system, there are two possible constructive possibilities.

First, the user could use two side channel compressors in the system. A sucking and a blowing side channel compressor. Thats expensive. The second possibility is to switch the working direction of a side channel compressor and thus to change it from sucking to blowing direction. This can be achieved by the user with so-called current reversing valves.


Flow reversing valves are used for side channel compressors to reverse the direction of flow. The flow direction can thus be switched from pressure operation to suction operation or vice versa. The special current reversing valve on the figure in the appendix can additionally change the line into or out of the airflow.

The change is either controlled by a 24V or 220V electrical actuator or by a pneumatic actuator.

The circuit of the current reversing valve together with the side channel compressor is as follows:

The side channel compressor is connected to the reversing valve by its sucking and blowing side. For its part, the reversing valve is connected to one or two working lines.

If the reversing valve is only connected to a working line, the valve can control electrically or pneumatically whether compressed air or suction air is to be applied in the working line.

If the reversing valve is connected to two work lines, suction pressure or blow pressure can always be applied to the work lines on the other hand.

Customers can choose between five different variants. Flange connections GAS, NPT or hose fittings are possible.

The drive system of the reversing valve is designed for continuous operation. The wide cross-sections and the shape of the passage enable the air to be conveyed with practically no pressure loss at air velocities up to 50 m / s. The illustrated version of the valve is completely made of aluminum alloy.

SKVTechnik offers all variants of the described reversing valves. Customers should contact SKVTechik for a short time in order to avoid erroneous orders.

Currently we have delivery times of 3 weeks within Germany. This applies to orders in the SKVTechik Onlineshop.


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