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Side channel compressors – models single-stage, two-stage, two-flow

the initial situation

The demands on the performance of side channel compressors are very different because of the wide range of possible applications. In principle, certain extreme values ​​are inherent in all possible applications. In industrial plants, for example, there is either the need for a lot of volume, ie the quantity of air conveyed per unit of time on the one hand, or the need for a lot of pressure (suction pressure or blowing pressure) on the other side. How are these different requirements profiles implemented in technical practice?

Basically, energy is converted into gas pressure and pumped volume. The energy is converted by the motor into kinetic energy of the fan wheels. Air is sucked into the duct and from there through the special molding directly into the next slat pressed. In this process, the pressure in the lamella is increased further and further (of course, physics sets natural limits), depending on how often this process is repeated.

With this knowledge one can now go two ways in the construction of a side channel fan. The energy of the motor can be used to repeatedly repeat the above-described compression process in series (in series), or to execute the entire function principle simultaneously (parallel switching).

Four illustrations are shown in the principle sketch. The upper left figure shows the simple functional principle of a side channel compressor with a simple impeller. The upper picture on the right shows a compressor with a double impeller. It produces almost twice as much air as the left variant. This is the above-mentioned parallel circuit.

The lower left figure shows a side channel compressor with an impeller but a dual compressor channel. Here, the air is compressed more and more over the double path, and almost twice as much pressure is generated per unit of time. The lower right image finally shows a side channel compressor with double impeller. In principle, two side channel compressors are connected in series (in series). The pressure becomes correspondingly larger, but also more volume is generated.

SKVTechnik offers all variants of these devices. Through its cooperation partners, SKVTechnik is able to meet almost every requirement with side channel blowers. Special designs are possible at any time.





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