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Soundproof hoods in practical use

SKVTechnik reports on user experience when using soundproof hoods for side channel blowers. SKVTechnik has been an online retailer of side channel compressors since 2012. Since 2016, the dealer has also offered soundproof hoods that supplement the side channel blowers offered by an important component in the product portfolio.

Side channel blowers have inherently integrated silencers in the existing intake and exhaust ducts. These serve to reduce the noise emission of the side channel blowers to a level that is bearable for use near workplaces in industrial and commercial premises. The volume of side channel blowers of the SKVTechnik is different. The small 0.2kW machines are 50 dB (A). Larger side channel blowers in the 25kW class are around 80 db (A). This can become a nuisance, especially in the vicinity of the workers‘ or office space. SKVTechnik offers two types of noise reduction. These are, on the one hand, additional silencers for side channel blowers and, on the other, the soundproof hoods.

First, a few words about the additional silencers.
Additional silencers for side channel blowers are mounted directly on the machine on the intake duct or on the blower duct of the side channel blower. Depending on whether the side channel compressor is a pressure application or a suction application, the additional silencer is mounted to the intake channel during the application of pressure, and the additional silencer is mounted on the exhaust channel during suction application. Additional silencers reduce the sound of the side channel blower by approx. 5-7 percent. They look tube-shaped and are integrated into the piping or tubing system near the side channel compressor if possible.

Now follows a description of the soundproof hoods.
Soundproof hoods for side channel blowers reduce the emitted sound by about 7 to 12 percent. This shows the quality of soundproof hoods. The price for soundproof hoods for side channel blowers depends strongly on the quality of the hoods.

Acoustic hoods must always match the class of the side channel blower. It is important that the process heat generated by the side channel compressor is dissipated to a sufficient extent. It is therefore not only important for customers that the available side channel blower fits into the hood, but also that the heat generated by the side channel blower is also removed from the hood. SKVTechnik offers combinations of side channel blowers and soundproof hoods, which are precisely matched to one another and can be inserted into systems with the smallest possible dimensions. Unfortunately, the waiting times for soundproof hoods with 3 to 4 weeks are considerable. Soundproof hoods are not in stock, but are manufactured on request. However, this has the advantage for customers that soundproof hoods are always adapted to the latest version of side channel blowers.

Due to the different versions of side channel blowers of SKVTechnik, there are also various types of soundproof hoods on offer. For example, the design of the intake or exhaust pipes of side channel blowers differs sometimes considerably. This concerns the position or the direction of the pipes. In addition, soundproof hoods take into account the different heat emission values ​​of side channel blowers. There are soundproof hoods that have separate fans for heat dissipation and thus provide ventilation inside the soundproof hood. Soundproof hoods are of course secured against fire and are usually provided with a metallic outer skin, which makes them resistant to weather conditions within certain limits. Soundproof hoods are not generally suitable for outdoor use. Customers ask the product consultants of SKVTechnik for such applications.

Soundproofing for side channel blowers have inside fasteners for the machines. These rails are mounted on the side channel blower from other manufacturers can be mounted. Basically, SKVTechnik always recommends to always procure the sound enclosure in conjunction with the side channel blower. Deviating from this, however, customers can also buy the soundproof hoods in addition to existing side channel compressors. Exact dimensions for the available space can be found in the product descriptions of the soundproof hoods of SKVTechnik. Experience has shown, however, that small adjustments to the old side channel blowers are always necessary.

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