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The electrical commissioning of side channel compressors

Part 1:

Basic notes:

Customers should carry out the work described here for electrical commissioning of side channel compressors only by a qualified electrician. The connection is to be made according to the diagram in the terminal box of the compressor and according to the relevant local regulations.

Drive motors can be three-phase motors or alternating current motors. The letters D or (…- 3) for three-phase motors are used in the device designation or E or (…- 1). The drive motor must be equipped with a motor protection switch (not necessary for frequency converter operation). For devices operated with frequency converters, the existing temperature monitor (NC contact) must be connected to the inverter and evaluated.
Special notes for operation with frequency converters:

The supply voltage of the frequency converter must not exceed 400 V without a motor filter. In the case of longer lines, higher inverter supply voltages and or exceeding the pulse voltages (maximum 1000 Vpk for drive motors up to 0.75 kW, maximum 1300 Vpk for drive motors greater than 0.75 kW) on the motor terminals, appropriate measures, e.g. a motor filter can be installed to protect the motor. Customers turn to the inverter supplier. If the motor filter is included, it must be installed between the inverter and the motor. Customers should ensure sufficient space in the control cabinet and take into account the instructions for installation and assembly in the operating instructions of the frequency converter manufacturer / motor filter manufacturer.

Caution: the maximum cable length between the motor and the frequency converter must not exceed 20 m and must be carried out with a shielded cable, if possible in the direct way and without further terminal / plug connections.

Caution: the screen braid in the connection cable must be through and on both sides, ie. The motor and the motor must be electrically connected to the earth system at the drive and the motor. On the motor side, suitable EMC cable glands are to be used, which contact the cable shield over the whole circumference at low resistance.

Refer to the operating instructions for the circuit for the three-phase, three-phase, three-phase, three-phase, three-phase, three-phase, three-phase, three-
Part 2
Rotation Check:

Switch on the side channel compressor. The direction of rotation of the impeller must correspond to the direction of the direction arrow on the fan cover of the motor on the side channel compressor. In addition, the flow direction of the air stream must coincide with the directional arrows on the muffler housing. If the direction of rotation is wrong, the connection terminals must be replaced according to the operating instructions.
Star-delta starting:

Most machines with motors above 3.0 kW are designed for star-delta start-up on the utility grid. Customers are given the information as to whether your device is equipped with a corresponding start-up circuit by studying the operating instructions. If customers prefer direct switching on (very high short-circuit current at the moment of switching on), SKVTechnik recommends consulting the power supply company.


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